Get Involved!

There are many ways to get involved in this project.
Visual artists- This is a juried art fair.  Our committee meet in February to determine
which artists to accept.  We review based on quality, originality and variety.  Application deadline February 27. 
Food trucks and vendors- Our focus is on the arts.  The food booths that we include
need to be high quality and able to handle volume.  Commercial vendors are rarely included except as sponsors, or if they have unique items or services that enhance the show without competing with the art. Applications reviewed as they arrive.  
  • Food Application   • Vending application
Performers-  We do not have a budget for performers but do include buskers (performers working for tips or to sell cds).  Send us an email if you want more information. Applications are reviewed as they arrive.  Limited space. 
Non-Profit Organizations- We make space for a limited number of non-profit partners.  Preference goes to local arts organizations though consider others as space is available. Those doing an activity are more likely to be included than those just handing out fliers / collecting donations.  
    • Non-Profit application
Attendees and Art Buyers- We love you and want to make this your favorite event.  
Email us any questions. Let us know how we can make this event special for you. 
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